ENG 4U – 05: Semester II

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Here is the esaay outline sheet I discussed in class.

Literary Essay Outline


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Here is the sample personal narrative we considered in class on Tuesday.

One of the Key Understandings

Mr. Q.


Personal Narrative Success Criteria

consistent and appropriate point of view; carefully constructed, realistic dialogue; significant sensory detail (5 senses); show, don’t tell; tone should create emotions and feelings in reader; let the reader live vicariously through your experience; edit and proofread to create a polished final draft; create voice, eg. honesty, passion; be consistent with verb tense as appropriate; Format (min. 2 pages, Times new Roman (or similar) 12 point, double spaced); 1-2 paragraph quotation connection; spelling, grammar, punctuation.


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Here is the homework assignment on “The Closing of the American Mind” article.

Read The Closing of the American Mind on page 325. Answer Questions #1-5 on pages 330-331. Also, answer the following supplemental question:

Compare Bloom’s (through Nielsen) attitude about the state of education with ideas presented in the three videos we watched in class, and in the article about academic rigour we discussed yesterday. What similar arguments does Bloom make? What ideas are different? The answer should be a minimum of one well-organized, supported paragraph.