ENG 4U: 2011 – 2012

Business Ethics Summary

Here is the period 4 Business Ethics Summary



Hamlet Soliloquies Test: Sample Question

1. “How all occasions do inform against me,” (IV, iv, 31 – 65)

Here we see Hamlet abandon his preoccupation with reason in the face of powerful motivation.  Explain this statement using details from the soliloquy as examples.

Answer each question in one or two well-organized paragraphs.  Write all of your answers on foolscap and please skip lines.


For each answer:

Knowledge and Understanding: Understanding of the overall tone and meaning of the soliloquy. (5 marks)

Thinking and Inquiry: Interpretation of the soliloquy in relation to the specific question asked? (5 marks)

Communication:   Clarity and organization of your answer. (5 marks)

Communication will include sentence structure, logical paragraphing, grammar, punctuation, and spelling. Also, the clarity of your expression will be considered here.

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Personal Narrative Assignment

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Here is a copy of your first writing assignment.


Here is the MLA summary package that was mentioned in class.

MLA Summary Package


Hamlet Unit Syllabus

I will give this to all of you in class, but I am posting it here in case it is lost or you forget it at school.

Mr. Q.

Hamlet Unit Syllabus


For those of you not in class today, here are the Act I, Scene i questions:

Act I

Scene 1

  1. The curtain opens on what setting (time and place)?
  2. Why is Francisco happy to see Bernardo?
  3. Why has Marcellus begged Horatio to join the watch?
  4. What does the ghost look like? Do? Say?
  5. What was the outcome of the fight between King Hamlet and Fortinbras?
  6. Why is there a need for a nightly watch on the palace?
  7. What is the irony of the password?

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Just so you are all aware, I have moved the Acts I and II quiz to Monday October 3 as a result of today’s adjusted schedule.

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For those of you who did not get the quotation sheets today I have posted them.

Hamlet Acts I & II Quotations


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If you were away today (Thurs. Oct. 6), we looked at Act III, Scene i and covered the “To be or not to be” soliloquy. Questions # 1-6 for homework.


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Here is the Isolation of the Hero presentation we viewed in class.

The Isolation of a Hero in a Tragedy


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